Be Free My Spirit – 60’s Style!




I have a birthday coming up soon.  I can’t believe I will be 60 years old.  It was supposed to be a surprise but they had to let me in on it.  And I am so glad my family and friends let me know…..because it lead to me choosing a theme for the party.  On a lark I decided on “the hippy dippy flower power 60’s” theme.  And ever since then something has happened to my spirit.  It was like a key unlocked a door to a part of me that has not seen the sunshine for a long time.

I’ve started listening to the old songs of the 60’s – ya know – the ones we knew all the words to?  And the rush of memories have been flooding in.  And with the memories come joy joy joy.  Because I remember who I was as a carefree girl with a heart full of dreams and that feeling of living life at the moment.  It was all about peace and love and truth.

I wish I had kept my tie die t-shirts that I made in my kitchen.  Yesiree – a couple of boxes of “rit-dye” in a couple of boiling pots of water – lots of rubber bands and a few white t-shirts.  You could create incredible patterns and explosions of colors that rocked!  Those went perfect with any pair of cut off jeans – for the record it was our generation that made distressed jeans cool!  Crisp new jeans were a no no.

I also used to play my guitar back then singing “Kumbaya” and “Leaving On A Jet Plane” 

Yep – those were the times of feeling free and peaceful and its nice to come back to that – that feeling of hope that you can begin again and conquer the world.  Excuse me while I turn my music up and dance and sing awhile and make room for the future cleaning house of some accumulated baggage that needs to go to make room for a bright and shining future.  “La la la la la la live for today…”  But listen to the tunes of the happy days here again!

Peace out,


God Paints The Picture of our lives


sunset 2 capps

Sometimes we need to pause our lives and just be still.  It is at these moments we can remove the veil of everyday living and catch a glimpse of MIRACLES that surround us.  These are glimpses of heaven.  This is what living is all about.  Don’t let life carry you on a roller coaster so fast that you miss the most important view.  Our God is an awesome God.  And just as he paints the world and fills in every detail with awe and wonder – He paints our lives with the same precision.  Pass the paintbrush.  Let His beauty shine through you……….just breathe.  Just live.  Just give HIM thanks.  Have a heavenly day!


“What is your name?” – Jesus


Hello “precious!”

Thoughts of my dear friend Connie Haile who is now in heaven have been filling my mind lately.  She called everyone she met in her everyday walk “precious.”  It made each of us feel special and treasured.    She treated each person as Jesus would.  It is because she saw Jesus in each person.  What a beautiful legacy she has left behind for all of us to remember and follow.  Today, and from this day forward, I want to carry on that tradition so that I will remember to see Jesus in every one I meet.  And I will remember Connie Haile whenever I say the word “precious.”  She was one of God’s greatest warriors.  I will carry on her mission to spread the sparkle and light and love of Jesus Christ.

Have a heavenly day!

Rene Williams

 Connie Haile                                                                                                                                                        connie the clown

“What do you want Me to do for you?” – Jesus



English: Sand becomes mud at Weston Bay At low...

English: Sand becomes mud at Weston Bay At low tide it may be tempting to walk straight out towards Steep Holm, but there is about 1.5km of mud to negotiate to get to the waves! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What is in your cup today?

Jesus Walks on the Sea

Jesus Walks on the Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sea gulls Solitude 2

Sea gulls Solitude 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every morning when we open our eyes we have a choice to make.  We can make miracles and have the magical life of “kingdom living” or we can have a life of struggle.  Jesus came to open our eyes to all the good things that are available to us if we can simply BELIEVE.  If we can believe we can receive.  There is a power available to each of us.  We are given “a cup of life” and the choice of what will be poured in it.

As I walk the path of my sabbatical to the resurrection of body, heart and spirit,  I realize that getting quiet to listen to Him speak to my heart, requires opening my eyes with childlike wonder to the miraculous things that surround me.  It is amazing how much we tune out the heavenly realm to keep pace with the things of this world.  Our busyness blinds us.  Sacred time escapes us.  Our cups never get filled.  When did I lose that childlike wonder?  When did I stop laughing?  Did you know that an average 4 year old laughs 300 times a day?  A 40 year old adult laughs an average of 4 times?

I have lived for months on the beach listening to the waves crash morning, noon and night.  I look out my windows and watch the tides roll in and out.  But yet, I have found so many excuses to not walk on the beautiful beaches everyday that have been right outside my door.  What is that about?  This is what my journey back to the beauty of living is all about.

RESOLUTION #1 – I will walk on the beach every day.

I have actually walked on the beach each day this week so far of week 1.  Life seems frozen in time on the beach.  Children play with sand buckets and frolic in the waves and run and laugh and scream.  People say hello to each other as they pass. Surf fishermen cast their lines and sit for hours beside their poles waiting for a tug.  Pelicans swoop by in majestic line formation.  People sit in low chairs and read books in the sand.  Surfers bob on their boards for hours praying for a perfect wave.  Sand birds run back and forth with the waves pecking holes in the sand.  Sea gulls sail along the shore and dive for fish.  Sunbathers stretch out on the sand.  Joggers keep steady pace with their headphones.  People hold hands.  They live.

Yesterday evening I walked for an hour at sunset all alone on mostly deserted beaches.  I sang at the top of my lungs.  I splashed in the waves as I walked.  I twirled my floating skirt in the wind.  I found God.  What do I want you to do for me Jesus?  Just be there.  Just be there with me always.  Let me feel Your presence.  Let me worship You and thank you for the gift of today.  Let me lead others to you and to the unbelievable joy of knowing You. – Amen          Have a heavenly day!  Rene Williams – The Faith DIVA


Beginning My Journey To My Journey of Resurrection


“Daughter, be of good cheer;  your faith has made you well” – Jesus  

It is never too late to become who we were born to be.  It is never too late for restoration…..resurrection…..healing……and finding our way back to the path we were meant to follow.  At one time or another, most of us reach a crossroads in life.  We look in the mirror and say “what happened?”

I recently had a “crossroads moment” when I realized I would soon be 60 years old.  I looked in my own mirror and I did not recognize me.  I knew the time had come to take dramatic action to get back on path.  I was totally “out of sync” with my body, with my heart and with my soul.  I needed a resurrection.  At my age it can sometimes be hard to believe restoration is possible.  The pit can seem too deep to climb out of.  The damage can seem “un-repairable.”  It is moments such as this that we have to dust our faith off and remember that “anything is possible with God.  Not “some things ” – ANYTHING!

God can take the pieces of our broken hearts and bodies and souls and put them all back together again and make them even better than before.  Miracles are possible when we jump start our faith and rev it up to full throttle.  Every miracle Jesus performed He asked “Do you believe?”  This is where resurrection begins.  And so, this Easter 2013 – I began my walk – or shall I say – my “leap of faith” and I am daring to BELIEVE I will receive everything that God has promised is possible.  I am daring to believe my faith will make me well again.  My journey back to becoming who I was born to be is leading me home to the heart of God.  He has given His angels charge over me to guard me in all my ways.  He will rescue me and reward me because I have known His name.

Victory in the waves